Copper Bars, Strips and Rods

Copper Bars, Strips and Rods Manufacturing Company

Supertech Conductors copper bars and rods are available in high conductivity electrolyte tough pitch.


Product/Standard IS EN ASTM BS JIS
Strips / Bars 1897 13601 B 187 1432 3140
Rods 613 13601 B 187 1433 3250


Min Max
Copper Bars (Width) 5 mm 250 mm
Copper Bars (Thickness) 1 mm 25 mm
Copper Rods (Round and Hex) 5 mm 150 mm
Copper Square Bars 5 mm 80 mm



Switchboards, Switchgears, Electrical Panels, Earthing, Busduct, Electrical Conductors, Power Transformers , etc.

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